Why we do it


We believe in being proactive in equipping learners to become a generation that captures value and is able to progress our country. This has to start from the foundation phase.Our vision is to create a generation of learners that are passionate about and competent in science, mathematics and technology from early developmental years. Essentially, we want to:


•Build confidence from early stages to enable:
  • A love for natural sciences
  • Confidence to take up related subjects, due to prior knowledge of key concepts
•Understanding of concepts from early age to:
  • Close the gap of knowledge and enable learners to “connect the dots”
  • Reduce the need to promote learners without passing
•Country with all desired skills and expertise:
  • Builds up the country through achieving NDP goals (employment, poverty, innovation, etc)
  • Creates an innovation culture
  • Builds exportable skills

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Our objectives!


We want to facilitate a fun and practical learning environment which promotes:

  • Active learning: questioning, doing, thinking
  • More able to apply knowledge
  • Better engagement
  • Easier transitions between stages, confidence and willingness to grow in the topic
  • Make useful links between subjects and everyday life
  • Sense of progress through assessments
  • Achievements outside school

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About us


Our program is well invested in! We have multidisciplinary content advisors that ensure that the program is fun, impactful and well informed. Little Scientists boasts a diverse team of management consultants, engineers, doctors and biologists, teachers and technology experts.

Nomsa Muthaphuli

Founder and managing director
Science and engineering content advisor

BSc Chemical Engineering (University of Cape Town)
MSc Civil (Environmental) Engineering (University of Witwatersrand)

Dr Kagisho Seodi

Life sciences content advisor

B Dental Therapy (MEDUNSA)
B Dental Science (University of Witwatersrand)

Banele P.P. Seodi

Expert in educational and Eco-systematic psychology and teaching methods and curriculum advisor.

B A degree (English, Psychology & Applied Linguistics) (University of South Africa)
Honours B A (Applied Linguistics, Psychology) and Honours B Ed (Teacher Education), university of Bophutatswana (now North West University),M Ed ( Educational Psychology) and M A ( Mental Health ) and many more.

Phumudzo Muthaphuli

Engineering content advisor


BSc Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (University of Witwatersrand)
Post graduate diploma in management (Wits Business School)