Why we do it


We believe in being proactive in equipping learners to become a generation that captures value and is able to progress our country. This has to start from the foundation phase.Our vision is to create a generation of learners that are passionate about and competent in science, mathematics and technology from early developmental years. Essentially, we want to:


•Build confidence from early stages to enable:
  • A love for natural sciences
  • Confidence to take up related subjects, due to prior knowledge of key concepts
•Understanding of concepts from early age to:
  • Close the gap of knowledge and enable learners to “connect the dots”
  • Reduce the need to promote learners without passing
•Country with all desired skills and expertise:
  • Builds up the country through achieving NDP goals (employment, poverty, innovation, etc)
  • Creates an innovation culture
  • Builds exportable skills

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Our objectives!


We want to facilitate a fun and practical learning environment which promotes:

  • Active learning: questioning, doing, thinking
  • More able to apply knowledge
  • Better engagement
  • Easier transitions between stages, confidence and willingness to grow in the topic
  • Make useful links between subjects and everyday life
  • Sense of progress through assessments
  • Achievements outside school

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